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Josh is a 4th Degree  Black Belt and Alicia is a 2nd degree Black Belt in the Art of Kyu Shin Ryu.

Martial Arts has been a passion of our family for many years now and is what brought us together. We have 3 kids; Lilliana, Diego, and Felix. Diego and Felix also practice Kyu Shin Ryu, both are currently Blue Belts. 

In training we are firm but fair. We expect excellence in technique and in spirit and our passion is teaching our students how to rise to the challenge. Martial Arts is one of the greatest builders of character, discipline, and integrity in an individual.

THAT is our main goal.

It is our belief that through disciplined training of technique the mind grows sharper, the body more resilient, and the strength of character and personality shines through.

We do not take for granted the trust placed in us with your child's well-being and training and we will always be diligent to ensure that trust is not misplaced.