Dojo Location 

1917 Pat Booker Rd. Universal City, Tx

Only $80 per month learning a combination of Self-Defense Jujitsu skills, Judo skills, Boxing/MMA skills, Groundwork skills, and weapons!

Put your (or your child's name on the no obligation waiting list now to save your spot!

We will limit class sizes to 30 kids for the Introductory Class.

Additional info below.

Additional Information & Common Questions

Ages: 5* - 16 (Adult classes coming later)

Some 5 year olds are not quite ready and that's ok! If we feel they are not ready we'll let you know.

What do we teach?

The art that we teach is Kyu Shin Ryu Jujitsi/Aikijujitsu.

What is that? It is a a combination of primarily Japanese martial arts (Jujitsu, Judo, and Karate) with contemporary arts like boxing, wrestling, and MMA skills. The weapons work we do is Kali (Pilipino stick and knife fighting). We will teach the student how to fight on their feet, on their knees, and on the ground.

Pricing for multiple students:

We really want everyone to have a chance at trying martial arts. So we do offer a same home* discount. First student is $80 per month and all subsequent sign ups are $40 per month,

*Yes, same home discount means you cannot just sign up a friend for a discounted rate, It doesn't matter how often they are over at your house.


Introductory Classes

Monday and Wednesday from 5:30 - 6:30.

After the student is confident in (an their fundamentals (rolls, first combo, and first Judo throw) and Sensei agrees they can attend

Beginners Class

Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 - 6:30

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